Little Girl

Fondant Figures Step by Step Tutorial РLittle Girl

What we need:
Fondant in flesh, black, white, brown and pink
Fondant tools
Ball tools
Rolling Pin
Small piping tip #3
Buckeye brown food color
Small fine brush for details like eye brows and eye lashes
Brush and water to glue things up

Here’s How:

(1) Roll brown fondant into a ball
(2) Press it down with the palm of your hand.
(3) Let it stand up and press two sides down.
(4) Press the ball tool down on the rounded tip

(5) Roll two small balls from the brown fondant. Then into tear shapes. Flatten the base and press into the sides of the little girls top Get some white fondant, roll and shape into a flat cylinder and attach to the base of the girls top.

(6) Roll some pink fondant flat. Cut up a long rectangle, fold horizontally.
(7) Make some pleats.
(8) Make sure to make it thin and real curly
(9) Using your fingers or ball tool, further flatten where the two sides/ends meet.

(10) Paste into the white base. Coming along pretty fine, doesn’t it? I am just a little annoyed with the little pleat on the center that didn’t pleat rightly. It’s all I can see ūüôā

(11) Make the belt by rolling fondant thinly and cutting a thin strip. Roll it around where the brown ¬†and pleated pink fondant meet. I love little details like this. And, I love it even more since it covers “dirty tracks”.
(12) Using the piping tip, add small round pink fondant on the belt.
(13) Make a ribbon, and add some pink design as well.
(14) Attach the ribbon to the right side of the belt.

(15) To make shoes (w\e’re making Mary Janes by the way), roll two small fondants into a ball.
(16) Flatten into tear shapes
(17) Squeeze the middle part inward, just slightly – enough to make a noticeable dent
(18) Press a ball tool on the narrower end.

(19) Roll two small balls from the white fondant. Then into tear shapes. Flatten the top.
(20) Attach to the shoe.
(21) Roll white fondant thinly
(22) Cut half moons.

(23) Paste it into the shoes.
(24) Roll black fondant into a rope and place straps into the shoes. (Optional to paste some white sprinkles to serve as the button of shoe)
(25) Roll flesh fondant into two cylinders.
(26) Attach to the top of the socks.
(27) Roll white fondant into a rope

(28) And again to cover up the tracks (that is where the flesh part meets the socks part meet), paste the rolled white fondant around it and create some designs with a knife.

(27) To make the hands, roll flesh fondant into a cylinder – a long cylinder.
(28) Press one end (leaving just a small part) back and forth to create a dent all around
(29) Flatten the round part and cut a “v” at one side. Rub the “hands” to soften cut edges.

(30) Press knife into the the fondant to create the fingers.
(31) Now, do the other hand and attach to the sides of the little girl’s shirt.

(32) Press toothpicks into the fondant feet.
(33) Attach fondant feet to the white fondant where the pink skirt is glued into.

(34) Now, make the face.

(35) It’s actually the same step as the cupcake faces tutorial¬†here. So go ahead and¬†read up on it. But please come back, yeah?

(36) Attach the fondant head head on the fondant little girl’s body. I used a toothpick to attach it.
(37) Now for the hair, roll some black fondant into a ball. Flatten it up and attach to the figure’s head.

(38)  Add some bangs and run the knife through the hair to add some details. Add some pigtails and pink ribbons too.

Here are some skirt and shoe details.

And some dress details. Don’t you love how we can just add some tiny details like ropes and belts and it would completely cover some of our tracks? Leaving cake lovers wondering, how were we able to do that? Suddenly it’s magic!

Before we end the post, here’s a close up of the little girl’s face.

and ps: if your wondering how do I stop fondant figures from sagging, before I place the fondant figure into the cake, I first insert one long barbeque stick from the fondant shoe all the way to the fondant head (so it’s in an angle, not really 90 degrees straight) keeping in mind the toothpicks already inserted inside the fondant figure.

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