A carnation is a welcomed flower in any season—try it with a striped bag (stripe on narrow tip side) for lovely color variation.


  • Meringue Powder
  • Royal Icing stiff consistency


  • Flower Nail No. 7
  • Disposable Decorating Bags
  • Waxed paper squares 1 1/2 inches


step 1

Decorate with: Petal tip 104 and stiff consistency royal icing. Use flower nail no. 7 with apple blossom/primrose template covered with icing flower square. Hold bag at 45° angle with wide end of tip lightly touching nail surface, narrow end pointing out and raised 1/8 in. above nail surface.

step 2

Begin the first row of five petals. Pipe first petal moving tip 104 in a jiggling up-and-down motion.

step 3

Continue with four more petals, slightly overlapping the previous petal.

step 4

Pipe the second row of four petals, then the third row of three petals.

step 5

Angle tip up slightly. Finish with one or two center petals at top. Let dry.

step 6

Hint: Make the petals of this richly textured flower using a tight up-and-down motion. Piping on the apple blossom/primrose template from our flower nail templates set will help guide you to proper petal position.