Dragon Cupcakes

What we need – 
Fondant in purple, orange, black and white
Fondant rolling pin
Medium sized oval fondant cutter
Polvoron Shaper
Waste as glue/paste
Small brush for the water

Here’s how – 
(1) Roll out the orange fondant and cut out small triangles.

(2) Roll out the purple fondant and cut out an oval shape. Cut it into two.

(3) Place it one on top of the other and cut the bottom part using the polvoron shaper. This will be the dragon’s wings.

(4) Cut out two small triangles for the dragon’s ears.

(5) Roll 6 balls using the purple fondant. The two big ones will be the head and body, the four small ones will be the hands and feet.

(5) Shape the small balls to resemble tears.

(6) For the head, shape it as well to resemble a tear but make sure the smaller end is still round.

(6) Do the same for the body but elongate the smaller end as it will become the tail. For the tail part, use a knife to cut out an arrow of some sort for the tail end.

(7) Attached the head to the tail. Still doesn’t look much but have faith 🙂

(8) Attach the ears, hands and feet.

(9) Attach the small orange triangles from head to tail as well as the wings.

(10) Finally, using toothpicks, the black and white fondant, make the dragon’s cute face.
And with that, let’s welcome the new year with these cute-as-can-be, soon-to-be-fire-breathing dragons!