Fondant Barrel Handbag Cupcakes

What we need – 

Fondant in teal, white and gray
Stitching tool (or toothpick or knife)
Silver dragees
Silver Luster Dust (optional)
Silicon button design mold (optional)Knife
Brush and water

Here’s How
(1) Roll fondant into a ball

(2) Flatten the ball using the palm of your hand

(3) Let the flattened ball “stand up” and press down top part

(4) Ahem… please pardon my un-manicured nails. Sometimes, there are more important things to do in life than having your nails pampered… like making a Barrel Handbag Cupcake Topper.
Oops, I digress… using your thumb (manicured or unmanicured is fine :)) and index finger, press the flattened ball together then press again this time in a downward direction. This will give the bag a stable base to stand on.

(5) Roll remaining fondant into a rope

(6) Attach the fondant rope to both the side edges of the bag

(7) Make a zipper by rolling the white fondant, cut a slim rectangular strip.The using a knife, press a zipper design onto the fondant.

(8) Attach to the bag.

(9) Now now now, this part is optional since silicon molds are not always available. For this bag, looking at it right now, it just looks plain/bare. By having a focal point, it’ll lively things up, hence the silicon molds. If you don’t have the silicon molds, you can cut out a small fondant flower or a simple fondant rose and it will do just fine as well.
If you happen to have the silicon molds, here’s how I did it. Press a small amount of the gray fondant into one of the molds then unmold.

(10) Brush with the silver luster dust for added sheen. Set aside.

(11) Remember the ropes in step #5? Cut them up in uniform length

(12) Attach them as handles of the bag. Paste the button at the center of the bag.

(13) Secure the handle onto the bag by attaching silver dragees to each end and pressing it inwards.

There you have it folks!  Another designer bag, fondant version.

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