Fondant Bunny

Fondant Bunny Tutorial

What we need:
Fondant in black, white, soft pink, green and orange

Rolling pin
Ball tool (small)
Oval fondant cutter (small)
Fondant tool (miniature one with the half circle) – I got mine from Baking Buddies
Water and brush (to glue things together)

Here’s how:
(1) Get some white fondant, create a big oval shape then two small tear shapes for the bunny’s feet.

 (2) For the feet, flatten the narrow end, and press the knife inwards on the rounded end, like so.

(3) Make two tear shapes for the arms.

 (4) To make the bunny’s face, shape white fondant into a ball then flatten it like a mentos 🙂 Then using the fondant too, press two half circles into the center.

 (5) Add the eyes then a pink nose.

 (6) To make the bunny ears, shape two tear shapes from the white fondant and cut the narrow end. Then using the small oval cutter, cut out two ovals from the soft pink fondant. Place them on the ears.

 (7) Attach the ears to the bunny’s head.

 (8) To make the carrot, grab some orange fondant and shape it into a tear. Then run the knife horizontally to create carrot marks then add the carrot tops.

 (9) Place the carrots in the bunny’s cute arms.

Hope you like this one, dear friends! 🙂