Fondant Clown Fish

Fondant Clown Fish Tutorial

What we need:
Fondant in white and orange
Fondant tools (like the halfmoon and the shell)
Black pearl dragees
Black gel paste
Brush for the gel paste
Water and brush to glue things together

Here’s how:
(1) Roll the orange fondant into a ball.

(3) Then roll it into an oval, one end noticeably smaller than the other.

(4) Pinch the small end and press the  shell tool to the smaller end. This will be the tail.

(5) Create the clown fish’s stripes using white fondant

(6) Roll a small but a bit long cylinder, with one end smaller than the other.

(7) Press the shell tool on it.

(8) Attach on top of the fish

(9) For the fins, roll 2 small orange fondant balls and press the shell tool on it.

(10) Attach of the sides.

(11) Add details on the face using the half moon fondant tool, the black dragees and white fondant.

(12) Dip a small brush on the black gel fondant and add “outlines” on the fish.

Looks complicated, but really, it’s easy, right? 🙂