Fondant Dress Topper

What we need:

Fondant in black and white
Rolling pin
Heart fondant cutter
Polvoron Shaper or Round fondant cutter
Yellow Sprinkles
Royal Icing or water (to paste sprinkles to the dress)

Here’s how:
(1) Roll out black then white fondant. Cut out the small heart from the white fondant, then cut out the round polvoron shaper (or round cutter) from the black fondant.

(2) Remove bottom part of the heart, this will give the top of the dress the sweetheart cut.

(3) Divide black fondant into two, with one part more than the other. This will be the skirt part of the dress.

(4) Position the white fondant on the top part of the black fondant.

(4) Cut out the sides ¬†of the black fondant using the white fondant as a guide as to where to cut. And just like that we know have a simple dress cupcake topper. Easy huh? ūüôā

We can then jazz it up a bit (and hide the line that divides the top from the bottom part of the dress) by adding some yellow sprinkles (to serve as a belt) with the help of some water or royal icing.

And now that we know the basics, the possibilities are endless! Here are some of what I came up wtih.

I went to¬†Gourdo’s¬†a few months back and saw these dessert designs on sale. I didn’t know what I would like to with them then, they just look so pretty not to be bought. So glad I did.

They are like stickers, only that they’re edible. Just remove the design from the paper and place it in your cake/cupcake using water as glue. Pretty simple, yeah?

Pink, white and black looks like a good color combination.

In one design, I used the pink design on top, and on another, I used it on the skirt. Then I used royal icing to make the belts of the dresses.

Remember this¬†post of Salvacion Lim Higgins’ Iconic Terno made into a cookie? I can not get enough of¬†Slim’s¬†designs. They transcend time, such a classic works of art.

And when I say, I can not get enough of her designs, I made cutie-fied versions of two of her dresses. You remember the terno of course and a flowy blue and yellow dress.

And since where on –
(a) the subject of dresses
(b) it seems Christmas is just around the corner…

why not make a dress for Mrs Santa?

Okay, make that two dresses for Mrs Santa. Here’s another dress with a pencil cut skirt.

Hope the Mrs would love these.