Fondant Elephants

What we need – 
Fondant in pink, white and black
Fondant ball tool
Rolling Pin
White small sprinkles
Oval fondant cutter (medium)
Brown gel food coloring
Brush and water
Here’s How
(1) Roll pink fondant thinly and cut oval shapes for Ms Ellie’s ears

(2) For Ms Ellie’s head and trunk, roll fondant into a ball

(3) Press one side down.

(4) Then roll back and forth.

(5) Using the fondant  ball tool, press the end of Ms Ellie’s trunk inward to create a cavity.

(5) Roll small two white fondant pieces into balls and press into Ms Ellie’s head

(6) Do the same for the black fondant and add the white sprinkles into Ms Ellie’s eyes.

(7) Add the eye details, brows and girly girl lashes and attach the ears.

Hope you liked the tutorial! 🙂

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