Fondant High Heel Shoe Cupcakes

Shoe Cupcakes Tutorial

What we need:
Fondant in Pink, Baby Pink (for the Baby Pink one, I used a ready made fondant from Wilton), Gray and Purple
Pink and Silver Luster Dust
Lady’s Miniature Shoe Set – I got mine from Baking Buddies
Rolling Pin
Fondant Extruder (optional)
Stitching Tool (Optional)
Assorted centers silicon mold (Optional) also from Baking Buddies
Brush for dusting
Brush and water to paste things together

Here’s How:
(1) Roll pink fondant and cut out the shoe parts (except the heel and the sling at the back).

(2) Make sure to brush the cutters and the fondant generously with cornstarch so it will easily come off.

(3) To make the heel, roll a small piece of pink fondant into a ball

(4) Then shape it into a… I don’t know what shape it is… a semi round and semi cylinder combined? Anyway, follow the below shape.

(5) Flatten the round part and roll the other end thinly. Make sure to sharpen the edges to make it look like a heel.

(6) Attach the heel to the shoe.

(7) Now, time to add the strap. Just brush the shoe with a bit of water on the edges. Let it dry for a while.

(8) With a dry brush, dust the shoe with pink luster dust.

(9) Let it … sparkle!

(10) Now, to add an accent, get a small piece of gray fondant and use the Assorted Centers Silicon Mold and the silver luster dust to make an accent for the shoe.

(11) Paste the accent onto the middle of the front strap.
(12) Now to make a pillow. Shape a purple fondant into a square with a rounded edges.
(13) Place some piece of baby pink fondant onto the extruder
(14) Get ready to extrude 🙂

(14) Get two strings and twirl them together

(15) Place them on the pillow

(16) Get a small piece of baby pink fondant and use the Assorted Centers Silicon Mold to make round accents on the corners of the pillows

(17) Run the stitching tool on the surface the pillow in a crisscross fashion to make a pillow design
(18) Place the shoe on top of the pillow. I inserted a toothpick running from the heel to the pillow for extra support. Remember, prevention is better than cure. This is true even for cupcake toppers.

Putting the shoe on top of a pillow gives it a royal vibe doesn’t it?