Fondant Kangaroo

Fondant Kangaroo Tutorial

What we need:
Fondant in brown, light brown, black and pink (optional)
Small ball tools
Half moon tool
Rolling pin
Ribbon silicon mold (optional)
Water and brush to glue things together.

Here’s how:
(1) Shape brown fondant into a bog raindrop

(2) Roll the light brown fondant thinly and cut a half circle. Attach to the kangaroo’s belly like a pouch, leaving an opening at the top.

(3) To make the legs, shape 2 pieces of brown fondant like a microphone.

(4) Curl it to sort of make the ends meet

(5) Pinch the middle part and flatten the upper part.

(6) Attach to the kangaroo’s body Attach the hands as well, made from short cylindrical shapes.

(7) To make the head. Shape another raindrop, this time smaller than the body’s. Attach a black nose at the tip.

(8) Add the eyes, using black pearls.

(9) Make the ears

(10) And attach them to the head.

(11) Add some face details using the half moon fondant tools.

(12) This step would be optional, add some ribbon plus some baby kangaroos! So cute!

The kiddos are easy to make, just a smaller version of Mrs Kangaroo and just have dots for their eyes.

Till the next post! 🙂