Fondant Lion

Safari Cupcakes – Fondant Lion

What we need:
Fondant or gumpaste in orange, brown, flesh and black
Rose petal cutter (the tear shaped one)
Flower cutter
Rolling pin
Fondant tool
White sprinkles
Brown long sprinkles
Round small piping tip
Water and brush to put things together

Here’s how:
(1) Roll out brown fondant and cut out two flowers

(2) Place one on top of the other

(3) Roll orange fondant into a ball and press it flat slightly

(4) Roll out flesh fondant thinly

(5)  Cut out two rose petal shapes

(6) Place into flesh fondant into Mr Lion’s head where the cheeks should be. Add a nose using the brown fondant. And using the piping tip, make him smile.

(7) To assemble, paste the orange fondant into the brown fondant, add the eyes and whiskers.

Now… isn’t Mr Lion a cutie?