Fondant Monkeys

As a continuation of the Safari Themed Tutorial, we’re making fondant monkeys today. We already did Ms Ellie the Elephant here. I’m thinking we’ll follow that up with cute monkeys today.
What we need – 
Fondant in brown, flesh, white and black
Fondant tools
White small sprinkles
Brush and water

Here’s  how:
(1) Roll brown fondant into a ball, press it flat.

(2) Roll small flesh fondant into an oval shape, press it flat and paste to the monkey’s face.

(3) Using pointed fondant tools, add the nose and cute mouth.

(4) Roll small white fondant for the eyes

(5) Roll even smaller black fondant, paste it to the eyes then add white sprinkles.

(5) For the ears, roll two tear shaped brown fondant

(6) Press a ball tool into the wider end.

(7) Attach ears to the monkey’s head

Along with the elephant cupcakes, these monkey cupcakes are perfect for baptism, birthday parties and any other celebration you can imagine 🙂