Fondant Nail Polish

For some totally inexplicable reason, May is becoming my “baking book phase”. Help me, I can’t stop. Perhaps if I start spending more time making posts for this blog I’ll be able to distract myself.

Okay, so let’s concentrate on this one for now. Today, we’re making Nail Polish Cupcake Toppers. You still with me? Yes! Let’s start.

Nail Polish Cupcake Topper Tutorial

What we need:
Fondant in pink (or any color you want), white and black
Rolling pin
Heart plunger
Water and brush to paste things together

Here’s how:
(1) Roll pink fondant into a ball.

(2) Shape it into a thick short cylinder with the top narrow than the bottom part

(3) Roll black fondant into a tall thin cylinder.With the edges defined.

(3) Roll a small amount of white fondant into a thin rectangle and place it on one end of the black cylinder.

(4) Arrange the nail polish like so. An option would be to add a heart design on to the nail polish bottle for a cute decoration.

Oops! As an added effect, I made an extra nail polish bottle someone forgot to put the cap on so when someone reached for it, it spilled. Whew, that was one long explanation for that small bottle below.

Hope you like it everyone!