Fondant Octopus Cupcake

Fondant (or Gumpaste) Octopus Tutorial
What we need:
Fondant in purple, black and white
Fondant Tool
Brush and water to glue things together

Here’s how:
(1) Roll purple fondant in a ball

(2) Shape it in a sort of figure eight or sort of a jar.

(3) Cut the smaller end  into two

(4) Then the two into half again

(5) Continue until our octopus have eight arms

(6) Open up the arms and form a tip on each arm

(7) Let Mister Octopus stand and and curl this arms outwards.

(8) Use the fondant tool to mark where the eyes should be

(9) Add the face details.

Tadah!! Octopus cupcakes are perfect for under the sea themed parties don’t you think? 🙂