Fondant Poodle Cupcakes

Fondant Poodle Cupcakes

What we need – 

Fondant in white, black and ivory
Fondant rolling pin
Knife/offset spatula
Royal icing in a piping bag with #2 tip
Sprinkles (big hearts and small round white)
Ball tool
Small flower fondant cutter
Paste as glue/paste
Small brush for the water

Here’s how:

Want to see a bit of the behind the scenes? This is a camera I used to shoot the tutorial. Its attached to a very very very vintage tripod which I absolutely love. It’s actually in between me and the fondant. Kinda awkward to move when I try to rely on the screen to see how I was doing but I hope I did okay.

And oh, by the way, instead of white, you can definitely try making pink or brown poodles. No matter what their colors are, poodles are absolutely adorable 🙂