Fondant Red Purse

How to Make Designer Red Purse Cupcake Topper

What we need – 

Fondant in red and ivory
Stitching tool (or toothpick or knife)
Gold dragees
Brush and water

Here’s How
(1) Roll red fondant into a ball, press it flat and shape into a rectangle. Make sure to retain the round edges.

(2) Using the stitching tool (or toothpick or knife), “stitch” a rectangle on to the base. Do the same to its 2 sides.

(3) Using the stitching tool, run diagonal lines onto the front of the purse.

(4) Repeat it but this time, run it the opposite direction.

(5) Roll out a small amount of red fondant and cut it into a rectangle

(6) Cut two of the sides, like so.

(7) Run through a border.

(7) Repeat steps 3 and 4 on to the rolled red fondant.

(8) Attach the red rolled fondant to the bag and paste a small rectangle onto the center of the bag

(9) Add the gold dragees detail.

(10) Roll ivory fondant into a long thin rope

(11) Twist two long ropes and cut a portion to serve as the bag’s handle and attach to the bag.

(12) Here’s the finished product 🙂

Depending on the size, you can either make it as a cake or cupcake topper. Plus, you can change the color of the handle, dragees and main bag for more versatility.