Fondant Seal

Fondant Seal Tutorial

What we need:
Fondant in gray and black
Fondant tools
Water and brush to glue things together
White sprinkles
Silver luster dust (optional)

Here’s how:
(1) Roll gray fondant into a raindrop shape.

(2) Cut the tip into two, flatten it and curl it outwards. Have something (like in my case a fondant tool) support the seal’s upper body.

(3) For the head, roll gray fondant into a tear shape. Add the eyes,

(4) Press the half moon fondant tool into the face to form the lips.

(5) Add the nose and whiskers.

(6) To make the seals flippers, roll gray fondant into small raindrop shapes.

(7) Flatten them and leave knife marks.

(8) Attach the head and flippers to the body.

(9) This step is optional, since seals are shine, we can brush the seal with silver luster dust for an added effect.
Easy peasy, yeah? Perfect for a under the sea themed party or a circus themed one! 🙂