Fondant Shih Tzu

Fondant Shih Tzu Topper Tutorial

What we need:
Fondant in two shades of brown (or just one shade if you want) and pink
Black sugar pearls (we need just three, two for the eyes, one for the nose)
Half moon fondant tool
Ribbon mold (optional)
Brush and water to glue fondant together

Here’s how:
(1) Roll brown fondant into a short sausage. This will be little Shih Tzu’s body. Roll fondant into looooong tear shapes. Practice now, as you will be making lots of these all the way to step #10 below.

(2) Attach it around the little dogs body. I did two layers, enough to cover the base.

(3) To make the tail, gather a bunch of looooong tear shape fondant strips.

(4) Then curl it around one end. At the other end, attach a small ball for the face then add the eyes.

(5) Then roll fondant into looooong tear shape and cover the whole face.

Shih Tzu’s have really long hair that parts in the middle.

So make sure to emphasize that as you work along. And don’t forget to add the little dog’s nose.

(8) Add more tear shapes for the ears.

(9) Then add some more from the nose to the back of the head.

(10) To make the ponytail, gather a bunch of looooong tear shape fondant strips.

(11) Then attach it to the dog’s forehead and lastly, add a cute as a button ribbon.

Pretty simple right? Seeing as the whole time, we just make several long tear shapes! It’s just a matter of where to place it strategically to make our little dog look like a Shih Tzu.

Hope you like this everyone! 🙂