Fondant Starfish

Fondant or Gumpaste Starfish Tutorial

What we need
Fondant in orange (or any other color you want your starfish to be), white and black
Rolling pin
Star shaped fondant cutters
Small piping tip #4
Water and brush to glue things together

Here’s how:
(1) Roll orange fondant thickly, cut out stars using the fondant cutter

(2) Press circles on top to create texture on Mr Starfish

Here is how they will look like. Not to worry if the “star shape” was not retained during the process. It’ll come together later.

(3) Flip Mr Starfish over and lightly press a knife from the corners to the center. But just a bit,okay?

(4) Curl each ray (the “legs” of the starfish) together.

(5) Now, flip Mr Starfish over again. As you can see, he looks kind of flat. So go ahead and get some more orange fondant, fashion it into a ball.

(6) And paste it under the center of Mr Starfish.

(7) Lastly, add the eyes.

So, are we okay celebrating summer in October? 🙂