Petal Flower

The delicate blossoms of the 5-petal flower are made on a plastic wrap-covered flower nail. The wrap conforms to the shape of petals better than waxed paper and makes lifting easy.


  • Royal Blue Icing ColorĀ (color shown)
  • Meringue Powder
  • Royal Icing


  • Tip: 2

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  • Tip: 101
  • Disposable Decorating Bags
  • Lily Nail Set
  • Flower Nail No. 7
  • Cellophane Tape
  • Foil 3 inch squares
  • Plastic wrap 2 inch squares
  • Petal template


step 1

Helpful hint: Petal or other flower templates can be laminated, covered with clear contact paper or wide clear packing tape so you can reuse again and again.

Make a foil cup to dry each flower: Press a 3 x 3 in. foil square about 1/2 deep into 1 5/8″ lily nail, remove. Repeat to make foil cups for quantity of flowers needed. Attach petal template onto flower nail, with tape, cover with 2 in. square of plastic wrap, holding ends tightly around base of flower nail. Using tip 101 and blue royal icing, pipe an elongated petal following division mark on template with wide end of tip lightly touching center of nail, narrow end pointing out and raised 1/8″ above nail surface. Squeeze bag, turn nail slowly as you move tip 1/2 in. out from center and back. Relax pressure as you return to center. Repeat for 4 more petals.

step 2

Position flower on plastic wrap in foil cup and let dry at least 24 hours.

step 3

Pipe tip 2 dot white royal icing center on each flower. When completely dry, carefully peel plastic wrap off the backside of flowers.