Placing Trim with Tweezers on Pops

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For small Sprinkles or shaped Icing Decorations, tweezers are the best tool for precise placement. To attach, pipe a small dot of icing or candy on pop before placing trim.


  • Candy Eyeballs
  • Animal Sprinkle Set
  • People Sprinkle Set
  • Assorted sprinkles or sugars
  • Assorted Candy Melts® or
  • Royal Icing


  • tweezers


step 1

For a layered look, attach your first layer of Sprinkles with icing or candy. Let set, then begin the next layer.

step 2

Be sure to position the tweezers properly to avoid knocking of other decorations. Hold trims in place for a few seconds to be sure they are secure.

step 3

Keep a few types of tweezers on hand. For tight spaces, using angled tweezers makes applying Sprinkles more convenient.