Swirl Drop Flowers

Drop flowers are a great way to add flowers quickly. Pipe drop flowers in buttercream directly on your cake, or pipe in royal in advance and place your flowers anywhere. Flowers will be sharper in definition when piped in royal.



step 1

Decorate with: Drop flower tip 2D for petals and round tip 3 for center; medium consistency buttercream (or royal icing for flowers made in advance). Hold bag at 90° straight up with tip lightly touching the surface.

step 2

Before piping, turn your hand ¼ turn so the back of your hand is away from you and your knuckles are at 9:00 (3:00). Lightly touch the surface with tip 2D.

step 3

As you squeeze out icing, slowly turn your hand until the back of your hand returns to its natural position, with knuckles at 12:00.

step 4

For flower center, hold the bag straight up and squeeze out a tip 3 dot of icing. Keep the tip buried as you squeeze. Stop squeezing, Pull tip up and off to the side, shaving off the point on the dot.

step 5

Hint: The swirled look of the petals happens when you twist your wrist the proper way. Practice your wrist movement, keeping your knuckles in the position described below. You can also create a star flower by not moving your wrist and letting icing build up as you squeeze.